Vote “YES” on Prop 10!

At our previous general meeting on September 27, the Socialist Party of Ventura County unanimously voted to endorse Yes On Prop 10 – Affordable Housing Act. Proposition 10 is a statewide initiative to repeal the 1995 Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which currently: (1) prohibits cities from implementing rent control for any single-family home or condominium, and any apartment constructed after February 1995; (2) prohibits cities that established rent control laws prior to the Act’s passage from expanding rent control; (3) prohibits cities from implementing vacancy control, allowing landlords to raise the rental price to any amount following a tenant vacancy. We are all too familiar with the outrageous cost of living in our state, and repealing the Costa-Hawkins Act is the first step towards affordable housing for working class people. Vote “Yes” on Proposition 10.

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