Season’s greetings (& meetings)

To our members, comrades, and followers celebrating (or surviving) the holiday season, the Socialist Party of Ventura County wishes you all the best. We would also like to take this opportunity to share our deepest condolences for the many folks out there who are still recovering from the violence and destruction our community has endured throughout these past few months. The loss of life and property wrought by the Borderline shooting and wildfires, not to mention the disappointing election results that will continue to leave thousands without necessary medical care or housing, has been absolutely devastating. As we continue to push forward, remember that in addition to friends and family, you can always reach out to the Socialist Party or the many other fantastic local activist organizations for support. Solidarity is more than just a buzzword.

Next, we would like to inform everyone that due to the overall hectic nature of this time of year, we will not be having a general meeting for the month of December. If you or your organization has anything important to discuss, never hesitate to contact us and we’ll respond as soon as we are able to. And finally, we’d like to remind our supporters that we’ve recently launched a Patreon so that we can expand and improve our organizing efforts. If you’ve got a few spare bucks and would like to help out the cause, consider giving it a look. One-time donations are also available for those who are interested.

Thank you to everyone who stands alongside us in our common struggle for justice, and we’ll see you all again in January.

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