Today belongs to the working class!

While the United States government maliciously recognizes May 1st as “Law Day,” the worldwide labor movement has honored today as International Workers’ Day for over a century. Since its inception by the Second International in 1889, this day has been a yearly celebration of the struggles and victories of the international proletariat. It is a day about promoting the value of people, their labor, and the promise of a better tomorrow.

For many, especially those living in the Global South, it is also a call to demonstrate their resistance and opposition to the countless acts of military aggression and economic discrimination carried out by the U.S. empire.

On this May Day, we ask all our comrades to remember the past struggles that have lead us to this moment in time, and to view the world not just as it exists now, but as it can exist in the future. The national and international political order is changing, and we all have a role to play in building the future that we want to see. Let’s build that future, together.

The Socialist Party of Ventura County stands in solidarity with the international working class and labor movements throughout the world. We will continue building our communities through outreach and education, as part of the unified struggle for a world free from the tyranny of capital and empire.

Happy May Day! Workers of the World, Unite!

Approved by the Local Executive Committee of the Socialist Party of Ventura County on May 1st, 2019.

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